Asian Characters in Micro:bit®













一張含有 文字 的圖片



一張含有 文字, 時鐘 的圖片





一張含有 文字, 地圖 的圖片




Asian characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) can be input as follow:

一張含有 白色, 標誌 的圖片




hex file can be downloaded here.



Suggested activities in classroom setting:


一張含有 電腦 的圖片



1. Teacher instructs students to input a certain character. Students do so, then share their characters with others.

2. Teacher sends part of a character to students. Students input a character containing the sent part, then share with others.

3. A student inputs a character which is then shared with others. Another student follows up by inputting another character such that the two characters can form a phase.


These activities may help students to learn an Asian language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) at character level.

If you want to implement these or other activities in your classroom, please contact us for assistance.




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